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How do you keep my payment information secure?

It turns out the answer to this question is easy - we don't have your payment information and can't ever see it.  Our payment processor, Shopify (public company NYSE:SHOP) runs your credit/debit card and sends us the proceeds.  We can see your billing address, shipping address, the last 4 digits of the card used, and the card's expiration date, but that is it.  

There are some bad actors out there on the internet though and while part of our charm (we hope!) is that we are a small company, that may concern some of you.  No worries, if still concerned, we also allow for checkout via PayPal and Google Wallet, and since payment happens through their portals we don't receive any account information when paid through those sources.  You can always contact us if you have any concerns on this front and we'd be happy to answer your questions.  

As a side note please don't ever email us your credit/debit card information (or anyone else for that matter).  Email isn't that secure and we would much prefer to receive your payment through our site and the payment processor referenced above.

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