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About Us

I love great tone as much as you do, so I built this site for guitar players like us.  My goal is to bring all of the information you need to choose your next pickups into one place.  Over time I hope to add reviews, sound clips, measurements, a comparison tool, and a discussion forum, but to start I'm just trying to bring the best of the internet into one place so you don't have to scour the web.  I currently carry Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio pickups, and for other brands where possible I have included links to where you can buy your chosen pickups or set.  

Let's face it, if you're buying pickups today you're probably heading to a bunch of different review sites, forums, video sites, manufacturer sites, etc. just to make a choice, and even then it's a bit of a risk that you won't wind up with the tone you're looking for.  I am trying to change that.

It will take some time to build, but my goal is to make almost a "wiki" of pickups.  I'm also looking into some proprietary measurement techniques, which should help you finally compare pickups across manufacturers without guessing or comparing someone's "5" for treble output to someone else's "7".  

Please take a moment to write a quick review for the pickups you know, and feel free to email me through the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page to let me know your thoughts/what would be helpful to see.


About Brent:

I've been a dedicated music geek and tinkerer all my life.  With a degree in mechanical engineering, experience in magnetics research, and 15 years of speaker building, guitar playing, and (lately) guitar building under my belt, I've decided to put some of the knowledge I've accumulated over the years up on the web, where it will hopefully be of use.  

I'm always open to suggestions or improvements, so please use the "Contact Us" box at the bottom of the page and I'll do my best to reply in a timely manner.  Thanks and please do enjoy the site!


Staff Writers

About Ethan:

Ethan Bio PhotoI have been a musician since age 5 after seeing The Titanic and playing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" by ear on my battery-operated mini keyboard. After years of formal piano training, I decided to pick up the electric guitar in my early teen years. It has since become my primary instrument and I've spent many years dedicated to the craft -- collecting and trading gear throughout my career to find the perfect sound for my playing demands. As a guitarist, I have performed with several musical groups in many accredited music venues throughout the Northeast and Midwest regions and have contributed to four EP's, one LP, and many other independent projects. I am also an avid music blogger and have contributed to sites like IDOBI Online Radio and RantHollywood. I've recently taken my efforts to the West Coast, where I reside in Los Angeles as a freelance musician and contributor to this fantastic site!