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Why did my order come in a box that said "Amazon" on it?

TL;DR:  We use Amazon's fulfillment services to ship your orders lightning fast!  We could do it ourselves but it would actually cost more and be slower. 

Here at we spend a lot of time thinking about how to create the absolute best guitar pickup and gear buying experience online.  We think about things we could add to the site months or even years down the road and really sweat the details.  When it comes to shipping and fulfillment though...well...that's not our game.  You see, if you want to ship things to customers fast, I mean really fast, you need warehouses close to major cities.  Because those cities are all over the country, you need warehouses all over the country.  You also ideally would have those warehouses staffed around the clock, so that when an order came in someone could be right on top of it, getting it shipped almost instantaneously. is hopelessly small to pull something like this off, but Amazon isn't - in fact they've already built it.  

Thankfully, even as a small business we can access Amazon's amazing distribution and shipping machine (for a fee, of course).  We have our own inventory sitting in its own special places at their warehouses, and when your orders come in they ship it for us.  Usually they ship in plain boxes, but sometimes there's a goof and they put it in one of those Amazon-branded boxes, which would explain why an "Amazon" package showed up at your door.  

The best shopping experience combined with the best shipping experience - what's not to like?  We love it and we hope you will to.  If you do ever have any feedback about the shipping/packaging or the condition you receive your items in (we hand inspect everything before it goes to the warehouse) please email me at as we'd love to hear about it and we want to make things right for you.  

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