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Is the "cream" color for DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan pickups the same?

The short answer is "no", and actually "not even close".  For a side project, extended scale guitar I'm building (bloodwood and Alaskan yellow cedar, should be stunning!) I am planning to use a zebra DiMarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge, a zebra DiMarzio Liquifire in the neck, and a Seymour Duncan SSL-6 Tapped in the middle position.  With the humbuckers coil-split and the SD tapped, I should be able to get strat-ish sounds, and then with all full on I'll have three soloing/rhythm options - should be sweet.  Anyhow, on to how this will actually look - see the image below for the differences in color.  The DiMarzio cream is much darker and more yellow/orange than the Seymour Duncan cream, which is more subtle.  At some point if I get my hands on a Pantone book I'll post the Pantone for both, but until then note that you should plan to buy the single coil pickup cover of your humbucker manufacturer if mixing (as then the color will match) and I wouldn't recommend mixing zebra-colored humbuckers from the two brands.  

Note that in case you are a stickler I did use a reference grey square to set the white balance of the below photo, so assuming your monitor is color corrected or close, these colors should come through as "true" when you view them on your computer.



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