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DiMarzio Area Hot T Tele Bridge


DiMarzio Area Hot T Tele Bridge

From the manufacturer:

What would a Tele® bridge pickup sound like if it had the same EQ as a vintage PAF®? If you’re a Tele® player and you think this is an interesting question, we have the answer: it’s the Area Hot T™ Bridge. Because it has the classic Tele® 6-magnet configuration, it’s not simply a PAF® reduced to Tele® size. The sound is more detailed and controlled. The plain strings both sing and sting, and the wound strings have a dynamic quality that’s halfway between a humbucker and a P90. The Area Hot T™ Bridge uses Alnico 2 magnets like our other Area™ models, and works well with either 250K or 500K controls.

Like the Area T™, the Area Hot T™ Bridge has outstanding dynamic range, and it responds instantly to changes in pick attack and volume. It's also very sensitive to string distance. The volume is high when the pickup is close to the strings, but can be reduced by backing the Area T™ Bridge away. String-pull is not a problem with the same Alnico 2 magnets that are standard on the Area T™. 250K is the recommended control value, but higher values like 500K all around or a 250K volume and the 1 Megohm EP1202 can add some twang to the basic tone.

Best videos/sound clips:

 Here is a quick clip comparing the sound of the Dimarzio Area T Hot Tele Bridge pickup to an original American Fender Tele Pickup, using the same tone configurations and playing the exact same lick. Jump to 1:10 to hear the original Fender pickup. You'll notice it has a very high output with a lot of bite, resulting in that classic Tele twang sound. The Area Hot T in comparison at 1:17 is a lot more controlled in terms of noise, allowing a great dynamic range and extremely clean signal; however the tonality of the pickup seems to be a little flatter, with less low-end punch and more midrange characteristics. The Area T still has massive grit for a classic Tele sound that screams.

The player is David Wallimann and he is using a Fender American Standard Tele through a Fractal Audio Axe FX II.


This video compares the Fender Noiseless pickups to the Dimarzio Area T pickups. Skip to 1:07 to hear the Fender bridge pickup first. It clearly does a fine job at eliminating noise in the signal and the pickup has a nice full sound with crisp mids and highs and a nice low-end punch. There is plenty of twang and it's very clear that these pickups were made to handle overdrive like a pro. Listen to the Dimarzio Area T Hot bridge pickup in comparison at 1:14. This pickup, although extremely comparable to the Fender in terms of tone and versatility, seems to have a little less output and a flatter sound, lacking some of the low-end punch you get from the Fender pickup. The advantage to this is having a very balanced tone with plenty of twang and bite, ideal for lead players who want to cut through a mix and shine.

The player is Dmitry Andrianov and he is playing a Fender American Deluxe Telecaster.



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