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DiMarzio Area T 615 Tele Bridge


DiMarzio Area T 615 Tele Bridge

From the manufacturer:

Tele® bridge pickups made for modern country music need to produce both serious twang and solid rock. As the sound of country guitar has gotten heavier, it’s also good to include hum-cancellation and turn up the dynamics. Enter the Area T™ 615.

Besides the classic Tele® tone, the most obvious quality of the Area T™ 615 is its extended dynamic range. This model responds instantly to changes in pick attack, in terms of both volume and tone. It doesn’t lose bass response when the strings are picked hard, and it has excellent definition with clean and overdriven sounds.

Best videos/sound clips:

For a minute long jam, it's easy to see just how much this pickup can scream. The Area T 615 bridge is perfect for that classic Tele twang for intricate country licks or even just straight rock. The frequency range is pretty even in the low and midrange, with an accentuated high-end to shine. The Area T has an extensive dynamic range, given how noiseless the pickup is, lending to its natural responsiveness. For country, blues, rock, and beyond, this pickup is extremely versatile and has amazing definition and tone.

The player is Aaron Flynt and he is using a Fender Telecaster with a Dimarzio Area T 615 bridge pickup for leads tones. For rhythm tones, he is playing a Fender Classic Series '60s Strat with Lollar Special pickups. For Bass, he is using a Squier P Bass with Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups. He is playing through a Sonorous Sublime amp head through an Eminence Delta Pro 12a loaded Forte 3d1x12 cab, mic'd with an SM57 and running through a Focusrite Scarlett Interface into GarageBand.


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