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DiMarzio Area T Tele Bridge DP418


DiMarzio Area T Tele Bridge DP418

From the manufacturer:

We believe the Area 58™ and Area 61™ are a major step forward in the performance of hum-canceling Strat® replacement pickups. The research and technology that went into these models has allowed us to make a similar advance with Telecaster® replacement pickups. The Area T™ Bridge does what a great Tele® bridge pickup is supposed to do: the highs sing, the lows snap, and the mids have a punch that’s almost unreal.

The most instantly obvious quality of the Area T™ Bridge Model is dynamics. The Area T™ tracks changes in pick attack and volume, and it does it instantly. It’s also very sensitive to string distance. The volume is very high when the pickup is close to the strings, but can be adjusted much lower by backing the Area T™ away. String pull is not a problem with the Alnico 2 magnets that are standard on the Area T™.

Best videos/sound clips:

 Check out the rockin' Nashville country sounds you can get from the DiMarzio Area T bridge pickup. Skip to 0:44 to hear the chicken pickin' licks this pickup was made for. The Area T bridge has an amazing dynamic response that is sensitive enough to pick up each detail of every plucked string. The tone is twangy and edgy for a classic Tele sound -- with a focused high end, snappy lows, and a roaring midrange punch. Enjoy playing fast licks with amazing clarity and bite with the Area T bridge pickup.

The player is Mike Nix and he is playing a Nashville Tele with a Dr. Z Maz 18 NR. The cabinet has Mojotone British Vintage series speakers installed.


To hear the DiMarzio Area T bridge pickup in action, skip to 4:04 in this clip. The pickup's present high-end frequencies make it ideal for percussive playing like funk, chicken pickin' country, blues, jazz, etc. The Area T bridge has a very focused attack that articulates notes very well and packs a punch for tight snappy chords. Its brilliant treble response, along with its growling midrange, will give you classic Tele twang and punch for a whole pallet of impressive rhythm tones.

The player is Dennis Montano and he is playing a Fender American Telecaster through a Fender Blues Junior amp.


This video demonstrates the various tonal capabilities of the DiMarzio Area T bridge pickup. Jump to 1:30 to hear the organic chime you can get from this pickup. Chords resonate with beautiful clarity, twinkling with endless sustain. At 2:46 you can really hear the midrange kick in, allowing for a nice rhythm sound for percussive playing. Chords on the higher strings really snap while lower notes sound round and full. Jump to 5:15 to hear the pickup's naturally twangy character, keeping the integrity of the famous Tele sound. For overdriven sounds, listen at 6:20 to hear some of the classic rock rhythm tones you can get -- with a cutting midrange and plenty of crunch. Jump to 7:28 and you will hear how higher notes sing and soar with amazing presence and bite for an old timey rock n' roll lead sound. The DiMarzio Area T bridge is an excellent go-to pickup for standard Tele tones, while also giving you a wide spectrum of sonic capabilities for practically any genre.

The player goes under the moniker Hoodrio and he is playing a Fender Esquire through a Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue with an Eminence Legend 105. For overdrive he is using a Visual Sound Route 66.


Check out this quick clip for some Country chicken pickin' action. The DiMarzio Area T bridge pickup excels in this sound, with its twangy high-end character and dynamic sensitivity. In using this pickup, there is always plenty of natural attack that allows each note to snap with distinct clarity. The midrange frequencies will add grit to your sound, while the low end will keep things deep and rhythmic. For that classic Nashville country sound, you really can't go wrong with the DiMarzio Area T bridge pickup. 

The player is Bill Altman and he is playing a Fender Telecaster into an Epiphone Valve Junior amp.


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