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DiMarzio Dominion Bridge, DP245


DiMarzio Dominion Bridge, DP245

From the manufacturer:

The best way to know how well a pickup will perform is to play it in the real world. That’s exactly what Mark Morton did. He toured and recorded in Lamb of God with Dominion™ pickups in his main guitars for over two years. Mark’s confident they do exactly what he wants, and what he wants are pickups that work hard and sound great.

Mark likes a thick sound in the bridge position, but he doesn’t want the lows to be muddy, and he needs the pickup to have fast response to pick attack. We accomplished this with a combination of coils wound for a warm tone and a ceramic magnet for speed. Mark uses a good amount of amp gain, so the pickup output is medium to keep the sound big for both solos and chords. Mark also asked for a good split-coil sound, and the Dominion™ has that, as well.

Ethan's picks for best videos/sound-clips:

The DiMarzio Dominion bridge pickup is Mark Morton's (Lamb Of God) signature pickup for a reason. It has everything you need to get a beefy rhythm tone for your metal rhythm needs. The low end is incredibly smooth and never sounds muddy, even with a lot of gain on tap. The mids are extremely present, allowing the guitar to cut right through the mix with absolute detail and clarity. The Dominion pickup responds extremely well to sharp pick attack, making chugs and other percussive playing stay articulate and focused. For a nice saturated high-gain sound you really can't go wrong with the DiMarzio Dominion bridge pickup.

The player is Max Morton and he is using a Dean Caddy USA guitar through the following signal chain: Maxon OD9 > Mesa Mark IV rev. A > Mesa Rectifier 412 cab > AKG C414 B-ULS > RME Octamic II > RME Fireface 800 > Cubase 6.


This clip highlights the DiMarzio Dominion bridge and its brilliant midrange, sharp attack, and smooth saturation. It's very clear why metal players like Mark Morton love to use this pickup. With a medium output, the Dominion handles high gain very well without sounding too distorted and fizzy. Its tight lows and focused midrange allows for a very responsive character with an organic attack and killer punch --perfect for heavy rhythm playing.

The player is using what appears to be a Gary Moore signature model Charvel guitar through a TSE x50 plugin with Redwirez Impulses.


The DiMarzio Dominion has everything you need to get killer thrash metal tones on demand. It has powerful mids to help those heavy chugs and lightning speed riffs cut through the mix with precision and edge. Even the lead tone has a nice harmonic bite to it for a crisp sound. This pickup breaks up nicely and handles high gain incredibly well. You will be able to get the smooth saturation of an active pickup with the dynamic range and expression of a passive design.

The player is using a Jackson SLS3 through an Avid Eleven Rack into Pro Tools.



Check out this short clip to hear just how ballsy these pickups are, even in standard tuning. With the Dominion bridge pickup you get a tight modern sound that is extremely articulate. Metal players will enjoy their hot PAF sound and excellent response to sharp pick attack, making each note and chord jump out of the amp with amazing punch.

The player is using a PRS Mikael Akerfeldt guitar through a Fluff 5150 patch with a volume boost and a Seymour Duncan 805 overdrive.


Here is a shootout video comparing three high-gain pickups: Seymour Duncan Custom 5, DiMarzio Dominion, and the Tom Anderson H3. Listen from 0:00 - 1:00 to hear the Custom 5 in action. It has a full-bodied sound with a crisp mid and treble range that cuts nicely, although the lows tend to muddy up the tone at times. The DiMarzio Dominion in comparison at 1:00 has a much tighter sound that is more focused and balanced. The midrange cuts nicely while the low and highs give the tone a nice depth and bite. It has a much more open sound than the Custom 5, and tends to distribute the gain very evenly for a smooth saturation. Listen at 2:00 to hear the Tom Anderson H3 pickup, which has more of a treble presence and less bottom end. You get plenty of bite but you may not always get the warmth you want for a high-gain sound. You also have to keep in mind that higher frequencies can often make your distortion sound fizzy and harsh if there is too much of a treble spike. The DiMarzio Dominion does a nice job providing the perfect balance of warmth, edge, and saturation for your high-gain needs.

The player is Jung Park and he is using an Ibanez SZ and Ibanez SZ4020.




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