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DiMarzio True Velvet T Tele Neck DP177


DiMarzio True Velvet T Tele Neck DP177

From the manufacturer:

Tele® neck pickups are finicky creatures. Players have often complained that they’re too weak, too muddy, and just don’t sound good. The Twang King™ Neck solved these problems, and we’ve taken it to the next level with the True Velvet™ T Neck. The low strings are as big and clean sounding as they are with the Twang King™, the highs are smoother, and the attack is stronger. This combination of qualities allows the True Velvet™ T to sound both pretty and tough.

Like the Twang King™, the True Velvet™ T features controlled-tension coil-winding, special wire and hand-calibrated magnets. It also has an unplated nickel cover for the purest sound, and it's wax-potted twice for squeal-free performance.

Ethan's picks for best videos/sound clips:

Check out this Michael Tuttle Tuned T guitar, which is equipped with DiMarzio True Velvet pickups in the bridge and neck positions. These are great go-to pickups for achieving a classic Tele sound with a very rich and musical tone. Skip to 0:28 to hear the neck pickup, boasting a fat sound with sweet treble attack and a warm low end. With both pickups engaged, you get brilliant bell-like tones that twinkle -- giving you the warmth of the neck and the bite from the bridge (listen at 0:50). The bridge by itself gives you that classic tele twang and character we all know and love -- perfect for country, blues, rockabilly and more (listen at 1:05). Skip to 1:45 to hear some overdriven clips, highlighting the Velvet T's natural breakup and snap. You really can't go wrong with these pups!

The player is Jeff McErlain and he is using a Michael Tuned T guitar through a Bogner Mojado amp.


Here's a quick look at the DiMarzio True Velvet T pickups. The action starts at 0:10 with a few riffs, highlighting the natural twang and snap that make these pickups perfect for blues or country applications. Skip to 0:50 to hear the fat neck pickup in a jazz context, giving you snappy highs and deep lows for a round, mellow sound that is perfect for jazz rhythm and leads. You can even get some fantastic funk tones from the bridge pickup, giving you tele twang and a nice percussive character (listen at 2:00). The True Velvet T pickups are really useful pickups for all of your traditional tele applications -- from blues to funk, country, rock, and beyond.

The player is using a Tele Partscaster with Musikraft body and neck.


This clip demos a Super Reverb amp using a tele that is stocked with DiMarzio True Velvet T pickups (guitar playing begins around 0:30 in). You'll immediately notice how warm and balanced these pickups sound -- with a very deep bass response, sparkly highs, and plenty of output for a fat sound. Skip to 1:40 to hear the neck pickup alone, yielding a very mellow sound that is perfect for sweet jazz tones. The bridge can be heard at 2:10, with nice spank and punch for classic tele tones. In every position, these pickups sound fantastic -- always giving you clear tones that are classic and versatile.      

The player is using a Fender Telecaster through a Fender Super Reverb amp.





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