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Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid, SH-16 and TB-16 Black 11102-86-B Top, SD photo

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid, SH-16 and TB-16

From the manufacturer: 

Versatile blend of classic and modern tones. Recommended for blues, rock, pop, and classic rock.

Unique hybrid construction pairs a '59 screw coil with a Custom slug coil for crisp, clear highs, powerful lows, and a complex midrange growl.

complete setup
Use in the bridge position with any vintage-output neck humbucker, such as the '59n or the Alnico II Pro.

For any well-balanced dual-humbucker guitar. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

available mods
A traditionally wired coil split yields the stronger Custom coil for a robust split tone. Available in nickel- or gold-plated versions. Also available in Trembucker spacing as the TB-16 and in 7-String. 


Magnet type: alnico 5 bar, D.C. Resistance 11.5k

Best videos/sound clips:

Here we have the positively epic 2012 Seymour Duncan 12-way bridge metal pickup shootout in all it's glory!  The top video is the "rapid fire" comparison (2 min total), and the bottom video is the 15 minute in depth comparison.  I've included these videos here as the SH-16 is in the video (top left window).  What's great is that you get to hear the same song being played on the same guitar by the same player.  The licks are tasteful and it's mic'd well.  Now as a critique, the mix is pretty heavy and with the bass and kick drum I find it hard to tell much about the quantity/quality of the bass output of these pickups. My take on this video though:  All of these pickups do a good job – really you could play metal with any of these and be happy.  Note:  As this is an older video it is missing the Black Winter, Pegasus, and Nazgul bridge humbuckers.

Listen from 4:50 - 5:46 to hear the 59/Custom Hybrid in action. You'll immediately notice its tight low end, lending to a very throaty sound that is deep and thick but never muddy. The midrange is extremely focused and complex, adding just the right amount of punch to the mix. The high end adds brilliance to the tone, making the pickup sound extremely balanced and clear. The 59/Custom Hybrid clearly handles high-gain well for a saturated sound that is articulate and rich. Listen at 12:22 to hear it out soloed from the mix.

The player is Keith Merrow and the song is "Pillars of Creation".  Keith is playing a Strictly 7 Guitars "Cobra" Baritone 6-string 27.5" scale guitar through a Rhodes Colossus H-100 head into a Randall ISOcab.  

Quick comparison:  

Full video:


Here is a very in-depth look at the Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid pickup. The action kicks in at around 0:52, when you'll hear the pickup on a low-gain rhythm setting. It has a very responsive sound that allows you to control the gain by either holding back on your pick attack or digging into the strings for a natural breakup. It has a nice vintage warmth combined with a modern crunch sound that allows for a huge pallet of tonal options. Jump to 1:50 to hear its clean tone -- with very mellow lows, a growling midrange, and rounded highs for a warm and balanced tone. The 59/Custom Hybrid crunches up nicely (2:36), giving you fat rhythm sounds that cuts nicely with a lot of edge and detail. Kick in a little more gain and you'll have a soaring lead sound in no time (3:20). The 59/Custom pickup is a very expressive pickup, responding to your playing in a touch-sensitive way (listen at 5:15). With this pickup you'll be able to get vintage charm with modern growl for a variety of tones at your disposal.

Geoff Waldron is the player and he is playing a 1990 Hamer Centaura super strat through a '72 Marshall JMP and a '66 Princeton Reverb.


This clip highlights some of the amazing crunch sounds you get with the Seymour Duncan '59 Custom/Hybrid pickup. Combining two killer pickups, you get an incredible vintage/modern sound that is rich with harmonic content. The '59 Custom/ Hybrid is a medium output pickup, boasting a gritty midrange that crunches beautifully. The lows are tight while the top end is nice and even, giving you a balanced blend of edge and sparkle. Hard rock and metal players will love the grinding sound you get with this pickup.

The player is John from Guitar Noize and he is using a Suhr S4 into a Ceriatone Chupacabra 50, Blackstar HTV-212 Cab with Eminence The Governor Speaker mic'd with a single Audix i5. There is a Strymon El Capistan in the effects loop.


This video showcases the '59 Custom/Hybrid pickup in a metal context. The low end keeps things nice and tight, while the midrange allows aggressive riffing to cut through with growl and precision. The highs also add nice sparkle for extra detail and harmonic content. This pickup is also very responsive and sensitive to pick attack, making it extremely expressive for complex riffing and intricate lead voicings. With its medium output, the '59 Custom/Hybrid handles high gain incredibly well, making it a great choice for heavy players who need thick saturation with great clarity.

The player is Ola Englund and he is using an S7G Solar7 proto guitar through a Randall Satan amp into a Randall 4x12 cabinet.


Check out this clip to hear some of the sweet vintage blues and rock tones you can get with the '59 Custom/Hybrid. Skip to 3:50 to hear it on a clean setting, boasting a fat humbucker sound that is warm and snappy. The lows are extremely clear and deep while the highs shimmer and sing. The midrange really kicks in when you add slight overdrive to the mix (listen at 4:10); you'll instantly get this mean crunch sound with plenty of grit and growl. The '59/Hybrid even makes for a sweet sounding lead pickup. Listen at 4:26 to hear a vintage blues lead tone that stings and bites with amazing grit.

The player is Johnny Hawthorne and he is using a Fender Telecaster through a Carr Rambler amp.




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