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Seymour Duncan Custom Custom, SH-11 and TB-11 Humbucker Black 11102-70-B Top, SD photo

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Custom Custom, SH-11 and TB-11

From the manufacturer:


High output humbucker for use in bright guitars. Great for pop, country, blues, classic rock and heavy rock.

The Custom CustomTM is our SH-5 Duncan CustomTM humbucker with an Alnico II magnet for warm and smooth highs, more midrange, and a spongier bottom end than the SH-5. It's a good choice for players who need a traditional vintage tone with increased output. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.

complete setup
Recommended for bridge position. Often a Custom Custom is paired with a Pearly Gates for bluesy P.A.F. tones in the neck.

For brighter toned instruments. Works especially well with maple and ebony fingerboards.

available mods
Nickel or gold-plated cover. Trembucker.

Josh Homme / Queens of the Stone Age, Michael Wilton / Queensryche, Clint Lowery / Sevendust, Greg Hetson / Bad Religion

Magnet type: alnico 2 bar, D.C. Resistance 14.4k


Best videos/sound-clips:

Listen to the classic metal lead tone you can get with the Seymour Duncan Custom Custom SH-11 in this short clip. With its incredibly fat treble response, you get a melodic lead tone that sings with beautiful harmonics and sustain, while its warm low-end yields a round and full humbucker sound. For a sweet clean solo sound, you can't go wrong with the Custom Custom.

The player is Dean Wells and he is playing an Ernie Ball Music Man guitar.


Here we have a shootout between the Seymour Duncan Custom Custom SH-11 and the Seymour Duncan Blackouts AHB-1 pickups. While the difference in tone may be extremely subtle, each pickup definitely has its own character. The Blackout seems to have a very throaty tone, with a more scooped sounding EQ, while the Custom Custom has a more focused midrange -- resulting in a sound that has a little more bite and clarity to it, as well as more of a natural responsiveness. On a gain setting, the Custom Custom has a little more definition, while the Blackout is a little smoother sounding. Skip to 1:43 to hear the comparison on a clean setting. The Blackout has a deeper and fuller sound, with a very scooped EQ curve, while the Custom Custom has more of a midrange growl and clarity. Both pickups are excellent, but it ultimately comes down to tonal preference.

The player is Mike Stamper and he is using a Washburn WI-45 (Blackout) and WI-65 (SH-11).



Here we have another shootout between the Custom Custom and the JB pickup. The action starts at 0:07, when you can hear the JB on a clean setting, followed by the Custom Custom. There is only a subtle variation in the tone between the two pickups, with the Custom Custom being a little more focused in the upper mid and high frequencies, while the JB is a little more rolled off on the highs with more punch in the lower to mid frequencies. Skip to 1:05 to hear some of the more overdriven sounds from each pickup. The Custom Custom has a bit more clarity with its accentuated higher frequencies, yielding a brighter sound that has a little less body to it. The JB has a much darker sound that tends to have a little more depth, yet sounds somewhat muddier than the Custom Custom. Both pickups have their advantages and are worth trying out.

The player is Rob Chapman and he is using two identical Chapman CAP-10 guitars, one that is black (JB) and the other is white (Custom Custom). He is playing them through a Blackstar HT-5 amp.


For classic Eddie Van Halen lead tones, look no further than the Seymour Duncan SH-11. Dial in some reverb and delay and strap on a whammy bar for some killer 80s lead tone. The airy highs of the SH-11 will wail with infinite sustain for a cascading lead tone, while chords will sound thick and full with tight crunch. This pickup also sounds great for tapping (1:40) and has a very percussive attack that is very organic.

The player is using a Carvin C66C guitar through an AxeFX 2.


Speaking of Van Halen, this clip really highlights some of the EVH sounds you can get with the SH-11 pickup. It has such a distinct biting attack that makes it perfect for tight rhythm chords and percussive rhythm playing. The upper mid and high frequencies have a very musical sound as well, perfect for lead soloing and tapping, or even just fooling around with the whammy bar. The SH-11 also has a natural compression that makes the tone very punchy and smooth and the same time, and its high output makes for a screaming pickup with a lot of power and edge.

The player is using a Strat and a Line 6 POD XT.








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