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Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Pre-Wired Strat Pickguard

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Pre-Wired Strat Pickguard

From the manufacturer:

The Everything Axe set for Strat and Liberator system, pre-loaded into a white, three-ply pickguard that will add a ton of versatility to your guitar.

This 3 pickup set will turn your Strat into the ultimate versatile workhorse guitar with its wide variety of tonal options. The JB Jr. bridge model will take your Strats bridge position to a whole new level. This high output single coil sized humbucker will give you nice crunchy chords, and screaming lead tone with that classic upper midrange cut. There will be tons of bright harmonic sparkle, and a tight focused low end.The middle position Duckbucker there to add that sparkly single coil tone in positions 2, 3, & 4. Its unique, split-pole pattern with 3 poles on each coil, also contributes to the single coil bounciness and snappy low end. The Little 59 in the neck position has a nice, balanced PAF-like response for big, full chords, and fat, punchy solos. Has that pleasing blend of warmth and bite when you dig in.Any future pickup changes you decide to make will be a snap becuase this pickguard comes equipped with a Liberator solderless system that makes swapping pickups fast and easy.Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, these pickups come with a 4-conductor lead wire, and are wax potted for squeal free operation. The pots, selector switch, and cap, are all high quality, and we use vintage style cloth push back wire for all of the connections. This white, 3-ply pickguard uses an 11-screw hole “USA” pattern.


Best videos/sound clips:

The Seymour Duncan Everything Axe set comes equipped with everything you need for a wide range of tonal possibilities. It can be easily installed on your strat, turning it into a major workhorse with three killer pickups: Little 59 neck, Duckbucker middle, and JB Jr. Bridge. You will be able to get your traditional snappy strat tones (0:40), but you can also bridge into heavier territory (listen at 1:07) with the JB Jr. in the bridge. The Little 59 will give you fat humbucker tones (1:30), or you can go in between positions (1:50) for a blended sound that is round and clear. You can really get a variety of tones with this setup and Seymour Duncan makes it convenient by wiring everything right into the pickguard!

The player is Luke from GAK and he is using an unidentified strat.


Here is an excellent demonstration of the Seymour Duncan Everything Axe, highlighting each pickup individually. Skip to 0:05 to hear the JB Junior bridge pickup in action on a clean setting. It has a nice grit to it with a dark humbucker sound. Jump to 0:25 to hear the JB combined with the Duckbucker pickup for a nice blend of strat twang and humbucker punch. The Duckbucker by itself can be heard at 0:45. Combine it with the Little 59 Neck pickup (1:05) and you'll get a deep clean tone with a nice low-end and sparkly high-end for a balanced sound. The Little 59 is demonstrated by itself at 1:35 and sounds mellow and punchy for a warm tone with great definition. Mix the pickups up and you will get a variety of tones that should cover plenty of ground for all genres.

The player is Joe Gore and he is using a Fender Strat through some sort of Fender head through a 1x12 cabinet with a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker.


This clip gives a very detailed description of the Seymour Duncan Everything Axe and its features. Skip to the second half of the video (starting at 1:30) to hear the pickups demonstrated in a number of applications. At 1:30 you can hear the neck pickup (Little 59) with a bit of overdrive. It has a raunchy tone with plenty of honk and low-end for a chunky rhythm sound. Introduce the middle pickup (1:45) and you'll get a little more clarity in the mix. The middle pickup by itself has a nice twangy sound, keeping the integrity of a classic strat (listen at 2:00). Kick in the bridge and middle pickups together (2:15) and you start to get into higher output territory, without necessarily losing that strat charm. Listen at 2:30 to hear the bridge pickup scream with a hot humbucker sound that is perfect for crunchy rhythm playing. The video goes on to demonstrate how each pickup sounds in a clean context, with the neck pickup sounding deep and punchy (2:47), and the bridge sounding focused in the midrange with a dark edge (3:25).

The player is Tony Grimsley and he is using a Carvin Bolt guitar through a Fender Blues Jr. amp.


Here is a video demonstrating the fat strat sounds you get from the Seymour Duncan Everything Axe. On a clean setting, you can get anything from a deep bell-like tone to a bright harmonic sparkle. The JB Jr. in the bridge gives you a nice high-output sound for crunchy chords and wailing leads, with a midrange that cuts like a knife. The Duckbucker does a nice job of preserving that classic strat snap while fattening it up for a bigger sound. The Little 59 in the neck on the other hand balances warmth and bite for rich chords or punchy solos. The Everything Axe is a powerhouse that packs three versatile pickups into your strat for a killer sound.

The player is David Marsh and he is using a 2005 Fender American Standard Strat



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