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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Hot for Tele, Neck, STR-2

From the manufacturer:


Hot true single-coil pickup with increased output. Great for country pop, rockabilly, blues, jam, and classic rock.

Imagine taking the Vintage models and turning up the output. You get a fat and full punch in both the low frequencies and mid-range, yet it retains the muscular twang of the Vintage. The sensitive coil combined with custom length flat pole pieces provides more sustain. The rhythm pickup has a similarly designed high-output coil for full, clear sound and comes with a chrome-plated brass cover.

complete setup
Available for both rhythm (neck) and lead (bridge) positions. Often used in the lead position and matched with a lower output rhythm pickup like the STR-1 Vintage.

For all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

available mods
Lead version available tapped for dual output levels.

Lang Scott & Kent Wells / Reba McEntire, Dave Amato / REO Speedwagon, JR Richards / Dishwalla"


Best videos/sound clips:

Check out this clip to hear the amazing single coil sounds you can get with the Seymour Duncan Hot For Tele STR-2 neck pickup. This is a hot pickup with a very high output and a beautifully crisp, almost Strat-like sound. The tone is fat and punchy with accentuated low and mid-range frequencies -- without sacrificing the Tele twang, of course. Jump to 0:25 to hear how arpeggiated chords resonate effortlessly, with endless sustain and warmth for a lush sound. Add a bit of overdrive to the mix and this pickup will give you smooth bell-like lead tones with killer attack and sustain (2:16). The STR-2 brings vintage single coil tone to a whole new level with its high-output sound.

The player is Lyle Watt and he is playing a Fender Telecaster through a Cornford Roadhouse 30 amp.

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