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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Hot SSL-3 single coils

From the manufacturer:


High output true single-coil for warm instruments. Recommended for country, pop, blues, classic rock and heavy rock.

This is the next step up from the SSL-5 and SSL-6 with more sustain, fullness, and output - and less treble response. The raised flat Alnico 5 pole pieces are taller for a stronger and deeper magnetic field. Extra coil windings provide extra power making this pickup great for heavier music styles. White cover included.

complete setup
Calibrated set available with RW/RP middle pickup. Many players use an SSL-3 in the bridge position with vintage output pickups, like SSL-2's, in the neck and middle for tonal versatility.

For heavier and brighter-toned instruments with ash or alder bodies. Works well with maple or rosewood fingerboards.

available mods
Reverse wound, reverse polarity (RW/RP) middle pickups for hum canceling in positions "2" and "4" on the five-way switch. Tapped version for dual output levels.

Magnet type: alnico 5 rods, D.C. Resistance 16.4k

Kenny Olson / Kid Rock"


Best videos/sound clips:

A great little introduction to the SSL-3T the "Hot for Strat" and T(for Tapped) by youtube legend Johhny Hawthorn. The SSL-3T really delivers a great range ,from vintage to modern tone. Whether you're after a Duane Allman sound with bell-like quality or dig into a growl, the raised flat poles on this A5 will deliver. Hear Johnny take it one step further on slide. A sweet tone for any single coil  and Strat bridge setup.  

Stacking them up and and tearing them down!  A great debute of the SSL-3 by the one and only Samurai.  These single-coils really bring together that sought after overwound sound in a whole new way.  From a crunch you can almost taste to creamy velvet like leads the SSL-3 is one great choice for that ultimate Strat tone. If you're wondering about how the SSL-3 stacks up? The Samurai plays through an array of configurations including the neck+bridge. If your looking to take your tone beyond vintage look no further. The SSL-3 adds serious muscle to any single-coil sound. Great video! Kudos Six-String Samurai.  

 Chris out of the U.K from Crazy Train, here really showing just how much the SSL-3 has in store . Whether it's  indie-rock or grunge rhythm  the SSL-3's  slightly raised flat-pole(non-staggered) design allows each string and each note to ring out Chris shows how versatile the SSL-3 really is. From warm and glassy to thick and punchy.The chords don't get muddy and there's no loss in the bottom end either.  Whether you driving your rhythm or lead channel, the SSL-3 "Hot for Strat" pickup will not leave you wanting. Definitely one of Seymour Duncan's most versatile SC pickups. 

  Another great video from Luis Aponte showing just how awesome the SSL-3 is when your in need of some high gain. Real nice range of some Hard Rock tone. Whether you have a Charvel , Jackson, or Strat style axe, if you're into some smoke on the water  like power riffs or pulling off some more metal Jake E. Lee stuff, the SSL-3 can handle it all.

 Sporting a real nice Japanese Strat Mr. Noramu takes his SSL-3 for a test drive rocking out an epic song and solo work  reminiscent of the great classic 80's Metal bands like Scorpions and Def Leppard. Clearly the SSL is super versatile and packs in some heat when it comes to either Hard Rock or Metal. 




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