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Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue Tele Lead APTL-3JD 11204-31 Top, SD photo

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue Tele Lead APTL-3JD

From the manufacturer:


Well-balanced true single-coil pickup with boosted output. Recommended for traditional country, country pop, blues, and classic rock.

When the "Bendmaster of the Telecaster" needed a touring guitar with the exact same sound as his prized '52, he turned to Seymour who accurately duplicated the warm, punchy tone of its lead pickup. Seymour used Alnico 2 rod magnets and a special wind for increased sustain and output. Symmetrically staggered pole pieces mirror the fingerboard radius and assure exceptionally balanced string-to-string response. The result is a traditional, sweet and balanced tone, with high-end detail combined with low-end fatness and punch, and tons o' twang.

complete setup
Available in lead (bridge) position only. The APTR-1 is the closest match in the rhythm (neck) position; however Jerry uses an APS-2 Alnico II Pro™ for Strat® in the neck position.

For brighter toned instruments. Works especially well with maple fingerboards.

Jerry Donahue, Dan Schafer / Shania Twain, Johnny Garcia / Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks, Todd Robinson / Luis Miguel, Tom Principato 


Best videos/sound clips:

This video demos a Fender Esquire guitar with a Jerry Donahue bridge pickup. With this style guitar, you really need a versatile pickup that can be used for many applications. The Jerry Donahue bridge gives you everything you need for a classic tele sound, with plenty of twang and output for sweet and balanced tone. Skip to 1:30 and you'll get a sense of what this pickup can do. You get nice cleans with a warm low end, and just enough high-end detail to sparkle nicely. This pickup sounds fantastic for rock'n'roll and surf tones, but it really can work for so many applications. If you're looking for a reliable and versatile tele pickup, stick this in the bridge and never look back.

The player is using a Fender Esquire with a Trem King fixed bridge vibrato through a Fender Silverface Champ with Weber Ceramic Signature 8 speaker.


The Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue pickup is extremely versatile and useful for many tonal applications. Skip to 1:45 to hear it in action on a clean setting. It has a lot of natural spank to it for that classic tele sound. The low end is warm and has a lot of snap, while the upper ranges give you plenty of twang and chime. Single notes sound very articulate and round, with a slight edge in the midrange (listen at 2:40). The Jerry Donahue also sounds nice on chords for that vintage tele rock tone (4:30). It is also a very responsive pickup with different tonal variations depending on how hard or soft you play. If you play gently (5:05) you get a nice mellow tone with a subtle attack. Dig into the strings more (5:15) and you'll start to hear more attack and snap, giving you a spanky lead sound. Overall, this pickup is a workhorse that can cover a variety of sounds from rock to blues, surf, and more.

The player is Bryan Kimsey and he is using a Fender Telecaster through a '57 Tweed Champ amp.


In this clip, Jerry Donahue talks about his signature axe and pickups. Skip to 3:25 to hear about his pickup selection and what he looks for in terms of guitar tone. He mentions his love for single coil strat pickups and how his signature pups give him a lot of tonal options -- from a full-body neck sound with great string movement and harmonics, to a spanky bridge sound with plenty of power and twang. During this segment of the video you'll be able to hear the bridge and neck pickups as Jerry provides commentary. You can also watch a quick jam at around 13:15 to hear the axe in full action.

The player is Jerry Donahue and he is playing his signature Fret-King guitar through a Vox AC30.



Check out this Esquire Tele with a Jerry Donahue pickup in the bridge. One of the biggest things you'll notice about this pickup is its impressive bass response. You get a lot of punch and power from the low end that lends to a really fat and warm tone. There is all the grit and meat you could ever need in a bridge pickup. One concern Bob mentioned in this clip is how bright the pickup was at first. But after lowering the pickup and cutting the treble on the amp a bit, he remedied the issue and got a great balanced sound.

The player is Bob Baratta and he is using a Fender Telecaster, which he turned into an Esquire, through a Carr Rambler 30 amp.


The Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue pickup gives you everything you need for a full, rich sound. The warm low end gives you a fat, compressed tone with plenty of spank and grit. It is a very clean sounding pickup with a lot of articulation and a powerful output. For players who want that classic Tele sound, the Jerry Donahue is definitely a great option.

The player is using a Fender Telecaster.










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