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Seymour Duncan Pegasus humbucker 6 string Black Humbucker 11102-95-B Top, SD photo

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Pegasus humbucker 6 string

Brent's take: 

This Pegasus is one of two bridge pickup offerings from Seymour Duncan's (originally) 7-8 string only series of metal-oriented pickups.  The Nazgul is the other bridge humbucker in the series and the Sentient is the neck humbucker offering voiced to work well with these two bridges.  All three of these pickups are exciting, but I personally feel the Pegasus is a little extra special.  

SD says this pickup was designed with progressive metal in mind, but there are a wide range of tones in this pickup and like the excellent Sentient neck it works well and stays articulate and toneful from clean through high-gain.  I'm building an extended-scale (28") 6-string guitar for myself out of Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Bloodwood and have chosen this pickup for the bridge of that guitar.  I'll be sure to add more as the pickup comes in and I'm able to test it in this new build.  

Compared to the Nazgul the Pegasus is lower-output and utilizes an Alnico 5 magnet, whereas the Nazgul's magnet is ceramic.  The Nazgul is also, to my ear, a bit brighter.  

Unlike the normal Seymour Duncan humbucker lineup these black covers are matte black (they look really nice).  Also, the screws and pole-pieces have a darker finish to them - not painted or lacquered all the way black like the screws on the Invader, for instance, but almost like a DLC coating frequently seen on tools or golf clubs.  If I'm able to find out what this coating actually is I'll report back.  


From the manufacturer:


The Pegasus provides expanded string separation and allows each note to ring out on the fretboard no matter how much gain is cranked up. It uses an alnico 5 magnet and has custom designed coils for a balanced tone and moderate output. Huge chords and complex arpeggios are equally perfect. It's plenty aggressive with enhanced dynamics and harmonics richness.

complete setup
Bridge only. Designed to be matched with the Sentient neck.

Best with bright to semi-warm woods (from Maple to Korina) with either Maple or Rosewood fingerboards.

available mods
Can be ordered with black matte metal cover. Also available in 7 and 8-string versions.

Aaron Marshall (Intervals), Keith Merrow, Jason Frankhouser "


Best videos/sound clips:

Recently it seems that Seymour Duncan has invested a good deal in quality content, which is a wonderful thing and it highlights their commitment to helping guitarists make better choices and love their pickups more.  Here's an updated 2015 metal bridge humbucker shootout with no fewer than 15 pickups compared - epic!  The Pegasus starts at 5:51 with band, guitar-only 15:28.  This riff will be stuck in your head for a week - can't say I didn't warn you.  In this comparison the Pegasus comes through as being very open with lots of great crunch and a bit of resonance in the low-end without being boomy or muddy.  It is one of my personal favorites of the bunch.  In this video the Nazgul is very aggressive and bright - something I liked at first but fear I might tire of quickly.  In other videos though the Nazgul shows a more balanced personality so it may just be the amp/settings.  


The following video, also by Seymour Duncan, is pretty fun (it shows off multiple tracks of guitar with backing band playing both the 6-string Sentient neck and Pegasus bridge pickups).  Frankly I find it much harder to make out the character of the pickups in this demo given how compressed the tones are.  The Pegasus gets a solo starting at 2:32, so you could skip right to that point if desired.  The guitar used is an Ibanez S470DXQM played directly into a Kemper Profiler modelling amp.  The band is called Stormborn and the song is "Survive".  


Here we have a "face-off" video, where on the left channel (and video frame) we have an UNO Les Paul Standard loaded with the 6-string Pegasus, and on the right channel we have a 2006 Schecter C1-FR loaded with the Bare Knuckle Warpig Alnico V.  Both are played direct to computer and the LE456 impulse amp simulator on Cubase 5 is used for tone modelling.  The video cuts between both players/band and cuts to solo unaccompanied guitar.  The Pegasus solo part starts around 0:26.  Note there is a bit of fuzz on the high end but I think the player clipped the input to their computer vs. the distortion being intentional.  The Pegasus shows nice crunch, body, and articulation, while the Warpig sounds a bit more compressed and warm, and is likely a more forgiving pickup to mistakes.  Of course these two guitars are totally different, so you can't read a ton into this, but still a fun video.  


Here Youtube user Lone Phantom created a video with the 6-string version of the Pegasus and Sentient humbuckers installed in an Ibanez Prestige RGR 1570 tuned to E standard.  He plays through the Positive Grid BIAS desktop amp modelling software, and the models used are Peavey 6505 for crunch and a Fender '65 Blackface for cleans.  Even though none of this gear screams Metallica to me the crunch tone definitely conjures a Metallica-like tone.





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