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Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter Stereo Tremolo Pedal SD photo

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter Stereo Tremolo Pedal

From the manufacturer:



Shape Shifter is a stereo tremolo designed to deliver the classic textures you love with the capability to render extreme effects such as helicopter chops, piano stabs, or backwards swells.


The Shapeshifter is true-bypass stereo pedal that conjures the classic tremolo effects you’d expect , but with complete control over the Wave, Shape, Speed, and Depth of your sound.

The pedal allows for shape and wave controls, phase control in stereo, and tap tempo with an LED indicator and ratio option. Tweaking those parameters enables you to capture unique sounds other pedals can’t. Go from an “out of this world” phase to a more traditional British tube amp shimmer with the turn of a knob. If you need some non-traditional effects like a helicopter chop or coax an organ or vibraphone sound out of your guitar, the versatility to do so is there. Whether it’s a classic tremolo vibe or adding a cool, warbling tone to your pallet of sounds, the versatility of the Shapeshifter can get youthere.

Like all of our pedals, Shapeshifter is designed and assembled at our Santa Barbara, California factory by the same team responsible for our legendary pickups.


Best videos/sound clips:

The ShapeShifter Stereo Tremolo pedal from Seymour Duncan is a one-stop shop to creating beautiful textures with your guitar. Skip to 1:20 to hear the pedal in action, using a clean tone to create a classic shimmering effect.  The clip goes on to showcase some of the unique effects you can create with this unit. Unlike most traditional tremolo pedals, the ShapeShifter gives you ultimate control over your sound with its wave, shape, depth, phase, and speed functions. Whether you are looking for a subtle warbly texture or a full rotary organ sound, you can cover a lot of ground with this box.

The player is Jack Thammarat and the song is a jam track called "Floating Candles."


Here is a nice video demonstrating the various effects you can get with the ShapeShifter. Skip to 0:11 to hear the pedal in action on a nice gain setting, producing a classic helicopter chop sound that cuts nicely for a cool effect. But aside from the traditional tremolo sounds, you can use this pedal to literally shape your tone in any way you want by adjusting the phase, tapping the tempo, or even just dialing in the wave, depth, shape, and speed knobs to your taste. Jump to 1:45 to hear the pedal produce a backwards swell effect; or you can take advantage of the tap tempo and the pedal will adapt rhythmically to your playing (3:00). For anything from chops, stabs, swells, and any sound in between, the ShapeShifter gives you so much manual control to craft your own tremolo effect.

The player is Steve Booke and he is using a Goldtop Les Paul and assorted Fender Stratocasters.


Here is an extensive look at the ShapeShifter pedal, including its main features and some of the epic sounds you can dial in. The pedal features a shape control, which allows you to control the rise and fall of the sound. The depth control acts as a dry/wet control to dial in as much or little effect as you want in the signal. The speed control is pretty self-explanatory -- allowing you to set the ratio or take advantage of the rate control (with the option of using the tap tempo feature to set your speed). Hear the pedal in action starting at 3:45 onward to listen to the funky stereo tremolo effects you can get from it  -- from a traditional shimmer to an out-of-phase swell and beyond. 

The player is Steve "PixxyLixxx" and he is using an Ibanez S470 guitar.



Right out the box you can get authentic tremolo sounds that are highly customizable with the Seymour Duncan ShapeShifter pedal. Even if you just listen to the first 25 seconds of this video, you will already hear some of the melodic, yet unconventional sounds you can get with it. Use the various controls to alter the rate, depth, speed, and wave and take advantage of the blinking LED knob, which gives you a visualization of the tempo. You can even use the phase control to find the perfect mix for your tone between channels (in the event you run it stereo between two amps), and the pedal is true bypass. The ShapeShifter allows you to be extremely creative, offering a huge pallet of effects and tone shaping options for any tremolo sound you can imagine..

The player in this video is using an Epiphone Les Paul through a Blackstar Series One half stack and a Line 6 combo amp.


Here is another in-depth look at the ShapeShifter Stereo Tremolo pedal. Traditional tremolo pedals are stocked with your basic depth and speed controls, but the ShapeShifter allows you to really manipulate your sound with incredible accuracy and detail with its added features. Watch from 2:20 - 10:10 to see each individual control explained in great detail, showing how each feature can be dialed in to affect your sound on so many levels -- from subtle warble and chop sounds to dramaticly strange sound effects.

The player is John Bohlinger from Premier Guitar and he is using a PRS David Grissom guitar through a Mesa Boogie Lonestar amp. 


This video covers all the features of the ShapeShifter pedal in great detail. Jump to 2:30 for an explanation of the wave control, which allows you to set your tremolo to emulate anything from a sine wave to a triangle or square wave sound (or you can blend them all together). Skip to 4:20 for a closer look at the tap tempo feature, allowing you to utilize the rate and ratio features to set your own pulse. At 5:55 there is a nice explanation of the shape feature, which is the point in the signal you want the effect to engage. From 8:10 and onwards, the video goes on to highlight some of the various sounds you can dial in and manipulate with the ShapeShifter pedal -- proving just how much control you have in crafting your own unique tremolo sound.   

The player is Michael Casswell and he is using a Fender Jeff Beck Signature Strat.




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