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Seymour Duncan Stag Mag SH-3 Black 11102-09-B Top, SD photo

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Stag Mag SH-3

From the manufacturer:


Uniquely constructed humbucker uses Alnico 2 rod pole pieces to achieve true single-coil sound when split (tapped). Recommended for classic rock, jazz, blues, funk and country.

The Stag Mag uses the same type of magnets as a vintage singe coil. Each coil is as powerful as a single-coil. When the pickup is split (sometimes called "tapped") such that only one coil is used, the sound is bright and glassy, like a vintage Strat® pickup. In full output, humbucking mode, the tone is rich and full with a bright high-end. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.

complete setup
Though often used in the bridge position, the Stag Mag can be used in the neck as well.

Use with any guitar with traditional string spacing in the bridge position (1.925" or 48.9mm). Works with rosewood, ebony or maple fingerboards.

available mods
Make sure to use the Stag Mag with a switch to maximize the real-deal single-coil tone when split. See our website for wiring diagrams for split wiring and other cool mods. 

Greg Hetson / Bad Religion, Michael Ciravolo / Gene Loves Jezebel, Mike Scott / Prince, Charlie Crowe / Brooks & Dunn

Magnet type: alnico 2 rods, D.C. Resistance 16.2k


Ethan's picks for best videos/sound-clips:

Check out this beautiful demo featuring the Seymour Duncan Stag Mag pickup. This pup is basically two separate single coil pickups wound as a humbucker, giving you two unique tonal options. With the coils split, you get a true single coil sound that is reminiscent of a classic strat tone, except you get even greater output for an even hotter, slinkier sound. With the Stag Mag, you also have the option of staying in humbucker mode, giving you a beautiful tone that is fat and smooth -- especially for leads. This video showcases the Stag Mag in the neck position, but it is perfectly suited for the bridge as well.

The player is Darius Wave and he is using a Mayones Setius GTM6 guitar.


Here is a great demo highlighting the Stag Mag pickup in the bridge position. The action begins at around 0:15 with a little bit of hybrid picking with the coils tapped. In this mode, the Stag Mag does a fantastic job producing pure single coil tones for a very bright and glassy sound. It is perfect for chicken pickin’ licks, percussive funk cleans, or truly any of the tones that an authentic single coil can cover.  The best part about the Stag Mag is how versatile it is. Switch it to humbucker mode and you have a whole new pallet of tones at your disposal (listen at 1:00). With its high output, you can get some really nice gain tones that are open and punchy, or you can shred away with a beautiful lead tone (1:30). The options are endless with the Stag Mag, packing two distinct pickup sounds into one box.

The player is Chris Brooks and he is using a Charvelle guitar.


This clip features a guitar with a Stag Mag in the bridge. This pup is activated around 4:30, although there is a bit of modulation that tends to take away from the pure sound of the pickup. Nonetheless, you can still take away that this pup is bright and twangy like a true single coil when tapped, and has plenty of girth and midrange when played in humbucker mode.  The result is an extremely versatile pickup that can sound like a Strat or Les Paul with the tap of a switch. Pretty impressive!

The player is Jack Thammarat and he is using a Yamaha Pacifica 112VMX through a UAD Softtube Vintage Amp Room.





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