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Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal SD photo

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal

From the manufacturer:


Vapor Trail is a studio quality analog delay pedal capable of warm, authentic vintage tones with immense clarity and presence.


Vapor trail is a true analog delay pedal designed using the famed Bucket Brigade circuitry to provide authentic vintage tone with clarity, warmth and presence. Responsive modulation controls add shimmer and movement to your tone – with the Rate and Depth controls located on the top panel for easy access in live settings. From slap-back echo, ambient and long liquid delays to rotating speaker and long and liquid delays, Vapor Trail delivers a multitude of brilliant sounds. Vapor Trail also features a TRS insert that can send wet signal to any other pedal or effect, such as a flanger or chorus. You can also use it to separate the wet and dry outputs for stereo or recording setups, or plug in any standard volume pedal, and adjust the amount of wet signal with your foot. To round out the special features on this unit, we’ve made the Delay knob translucent with a cool blue LED that flashes to give you visual feedback on the delay time you have selected – especially handy when you’re playing live on a dimly lit stage! Like all of our pedals, Vapor Trail is designed and assembled at our Santa Barbara, California factory by the same team responsible for our legendary pickups.


Best videos/sound clips:


Add dimension and movement to your sound with this true analog delay pedal designed by Seymour Duncan. Right out of the box you'll be able to dial in a number of delay tones that will fill out your sound with amazing depth and presence. Add a little shimmer to your lead sound (0:15) or dial in a nice slap back delay for a classic Rockabilly sound (0:45). Take advantage of the depth and rate controls to produce ambient sounds with smooth decay and musical feedback (1:20). The rich analog sound of the pedal will give you an authentic vintage tone that has plenty of warmth and clarity to sweeten up your sound instantly.  

The player is Danny Young and he is using a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall DSL401 combo on the clean channel with a Dirty Deed distortion pedal.


Make your acoustic guitar sound even more musical with a Vapor Trail delay pedal in the mix. The warmth of the analog circuitry coupled with the harmonic content of the acoustic guitar will give you a rich musical sound that is unmatchable. Whether you want to just add a little depth to your tone or craft mind-bending sounds, the Vapor Trail is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Pair it with a tremolo pedal like the ShapeShifter and you will get a great mix of shimmer and sparkle with vintage charm.

The player is Steve Booke and he is using an acoustic guitar equipped with a Woody XL pickup through the Vapor Trail and ShapeShifter pedals, both by Seymour Duncan.


One of the unique features of the Vapor Trail delay is the TRS insert located on the side of the pedal. One application for this may be to send the wet signal of the delay to another effect pedal to create a whole new spectrum of sounds. Skip to 0:15 to hear the wet signal of the Vapor Trail go through a Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal, allowing you to manipulate the delay repeats with the wah effect. Another instance using the TRS insert may be to send the delay effect to a volume pedal in order to control the wet signal with your foot (listen at 1:10). This allows you to vary the amount of wet signal that you want in the mix at any point with complete manual control. One final way you can use the TRS insert may be to output a wet-only signal for a parallel effect multi-amp setup. This will allow you to separate the wet and dry outputs to run them through a stereo rig setup. Listen at 1:45 to hear the Vapor Trail and ShapeShifter pedals mingle in stereo for a killer sound.

The player is using a Fender Strat through a Blackstar Series 100 half stack and a Line 6 Combo. The ShapeShifter Tremolo pedal is also featured.


 The Vapor Trail is a great delay pedal featuring genuine low-noise analog electronics for a warm vintage tone. It is a simple pedal to use and allows infinite tone-shaping control with its mix, delay, repeats, rate, and depth functions. It even has an illuminated LED display on the delay knob, allowing a visual representation of your delay time. The rate and depth controls will bring your tone to another dimension, giving you the ability to dial in some classic chorus and vibrato sounds to compliment your traditional delay. Jump to 2:00 to hear the pedal in action on a clean setting, giving you a crystal-clean signal for a vintage analog/tape delay sound. Listen through the rest of the video and you will see just how much real estate this pedal will cover for all of your delay needs.

The player is Paul Riario from Guitar World and he is using a Charvel Strat.


This video showcases some of the unique sounds you can get with the Vapor Trail right out the box. The action starts at 0:03, beginning with a long delay sound with moderate modulation. The delay adds nice warmth and a natural repeat for a traditional delay sound on a clean setting. Skip to 0:15 to hear a long delay sound with heavy modulation, highlighting the mind bending sounds you can get with this box. You can even fuss with the delay knob while you are playing to create interesting pitch effects (listen at 0:25). The Vapor Trail is also equipped to handle short delay sounds with moderate modulation and multiple repeats for a shimmering stutter effect (0:48). Even if you just want to add fullness to your lead tone for fast passages you can easily do so with this unit (1:06). Listen on to hear the Vapor Trail excel in a number of delay applications and jump to 2:16 for a list of its key features.

The player is Steve Booke and he using a Goldtop Les Paul and assorted Fender Strats.



This is a very long in-depth look at the Vapor Trail delay pedal and all of its features and tonal capacity. Although very simple in construction and functionality, this unit comes equipped with amazing capability and power to produce incredibly impressive delay tones. The Vapor Trail incorporates an analog bucket-brigade circuitry that lends to its warm vintage sound, and also features a modulation section to sweeten up your tone even more. This pedal sounds huge and can be applied in so many musical contexts to add dimension and movement to your sound. Listen at 5:00 onward to see each control demonstrated and the various sounds you can get with this powerhouse delay pedal.

The player is John Bohlinger and he is using a Gibson Les Paul Standard through a Fender Machete amp.









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