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Seymour Duncan Woody Single Coil Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Woody Single Coil Acoustic Guitar Pickup

From the manufacturer:

Instant mounting magnetic soundhole pickup delivers crisp, bright l tone.

The Woody SC is a passive, magnetic soundhole pickup that delivers a bright, clear acoustic tone that is great for both energetic strumming, and delicate fingerstyle playing. The fact that it is a single coil means that you get more chime, and top end brilliance. All of the Woodys are available in our custom maple, walnut or black stained housing, and are double potted to keep them resistant to feedback. It mounts instantly into your soundhole, with no modification of any kind needed to the guitar and can easily be removed at a moments notice. It comes with a 14-foot low capacitance, studio quality cable that will plug directly into your favorite amp, PA, direct box, or console. Fits all standard soundholes (3.75 (94mm) to 4.0 (100mm). Great for all standard types of steel string acoustic guitars. NOTE this is a magnetic pickup, and will not work with nylon stringed instruments.Available Colors Maple, Walnut, or Black.


Ethan's picks for best videos/sound clips:

The Woody SC acoustic guitar pickup by Seymour Duncan will clearly amplify your acoustic, adding sheer brilliance for a clean and crisp tone. Hear it in action at 1:03, complimenting Steve's energetic strumming with a bright and vibrant sound. Skip to 1:22 to hear how well it can capture delicate fingerstyle picking with great detail and top end presence; and it can easily add shimmer to slide guitar parts (1:40) with its unique single coil sound. The Woody SC easily attaches to the soundhole of your acoustic guitar, working to capture the natural warmth and rich characteristic of your axe.

The player is Steve Booke and he is using a Larrivee LV-03RE acoustic guitar.


Here is a great clip showcasing the direct sound of the Seymour Duncan Woody SC pickup, comparing the dry sound of the pickup to one with EQ applied. Beginning with the processed sound, you'll notice just how crisp and detailed the Woody SC is. A bit of EQ really helps to accentuate the presence of the steel strings for a clear acoustic sound. Without the EQ (0:10), the sound is a little darker, with more emphasis in the low and midrange frequencies, and a little less top end sparkle. Although the EQ definitely adds more brilliance to the sound overall, I think it should be used in moderation; otherwise the tone can start to sound too weak and tinny, losing its rich natural character. Regardless, the Woody SC has a pretty usable direct sound with plenty of chime and detail.  

The player is Sébastien Froidevaux and he is using an Epiphone AJ-220SCE guitar plugged directly into his computer's soundcard.


This clip demos three distinct acoustic guitar pickups, including the Seymour Duncan Woody SC. The first pickup we hear is the T Bone SC 400 (0:10), which has a very natural sound that is pretty well balanced -- lows are warm, mids are crisp, and highs sparkle (but not too much). The Woody SC in comparison (0:30) is a lot darker sounding, with a little less clarity and more focus in the midrange. Jump to 0:50 to hear the Shadow NanoFlex in comparison and notice its full-bodied sound, with plenty of high-end sparkle for an overall brighter sound. At the end of the day it all comes down to tonal preference; some people prefer bright, others like dark, and many enjoy a nice balance. Each pickup has its perks and it ultimately comes down to taste.

The player is Sébastien Froidevaux and he is using an Epiphone AJ-220SCE guitar.



This video talks about the Seymour Duncan Woody SC , highlighting its sonic features and easy installation. Simply pop the pickup onto your soundhole and you'll have a whole new world of tone at your disposal. Skip to 6:00 to hear the pickup demonstrated through a mixing console, with a room mic in the mix to hear a combination of both live and direct sounds. This method tends to be a great way to get a balance of articulation and punch from the pickup, while capturing the natural nuances of the acoustic guitar itself with the room mic.  At 6:06 the room mic is shut off so that you only hear the direct sound of the pickup, which yields a more focused and direct sound that is naturally darker and more compressed. The Woody SC still does a pretty fair job at preserving the richness of the acoustic, while giving it more of an electric feel for more tonal options.

The player is Louis (The Tone King) and he is using a Dean acoustic guitar through a mixing console and a room mic.


Using the Seymour Duncan Woody SC while simultaneously micing your acoustic guitar can yield fantastic results. In this clip, the Woody SC is running through the left channel, while a room mic is picking up the overall sound of the guitar in the right channel. The result is a nice blend of the warm low end and focused midrange from the pickup with the natural brilliance from the acoustic on its own.

The player is using a Martin DX1 acoustic guitar.




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